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to manage time and tasks!

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When you purchase from TeamSys, you'll receive a license key that lets you run the applications you purchase. Your license key will only support one server so you can only purchase one copy of TeamSys Suite per order, and in most cases that's all your organization will ever need!

If you're a first time buyer, be sure to get one copy of TeamSys Suite – it includes the Server program that you will need to run the system, along with the other applications you need to manage your team’s task and time:

  • TeamSys Server
  • TeamSys Administrator – to export time records, create reports, and manage other system functions
  • 2 Team Manager programs – for project managers
  • 5 Timers – for employees with billable hours

You can buy additional copies of the client applications like Timers and Team Managers separately, as your organizational needs require.

If you're a repeat customer and already have a TeamSys Server installed and you're buying additional Timers or other applications, don't buy another copy of TeamSys suite – you can't buy additional Suites and use them together for the same QuickBooks® company file (so buying two Suites is not an easy way to get an extra application for free).

ProductQuantityPrice Each
TeamSys Team Manager Suite $99.00
Additional TeamSys Timers $39.95
Additional Team Managers $49.95
Additional Administrators $49.95
Mail me a copy of the program on CD (add $10.00)

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